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Branding and visual identity are all around us. Look closely, and you’ll find them on websites, product packaging, and different types of advertising. Even personal items, like documents and business cards, bear some form of identity.

Simply put, branding is what other people think—about you, your company, your product, or your service. Visual identity is what that brand looks like, from your logo to your color choices and so much more. Strong visuals can be very persuasive. Think of your own experiences as a consumer. Have you ever chosen a product simply because you liked the way it looked? Understanding visual identity can help you make more thoughtful design decisions, regardless of your role, medium, or skill level.

Color helps define your brand in a very powerful way. Not only does it make a strong impression on the viewer, but it also creates a sense of unity when used across multiple projects or platforms.

Visual identity is kind of like a preview of your brand. Each part of your design is a clue that tells the viewer what they can expect. Your aesthetic can be traditional, modern, or a little more out there—every brand is different. No matter what, all of your design elements work together to show exactly what your brand is about.

A closer look at visual identity

Of course, it’s not all business. You can apply the concept of identity to almost any type of project, including personal designs. Whether you’re updating your resume or looking for ways to enhance your blog, there are many benefits to having a consistent visual style.

Some companies use an actual style guide to keep their brand looking consistent. If you’re just getting started with design, it’s OK to take a more casual approach. The main components of visual identity are logo, color, typography, and images. Read on to learn more. Proin gravida nibh vel velit auctor aliquet.

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Perhaps even these words, here, are enough to summon our new inquisitors. Avoid common pitfalls, like colors that vibrate or distract viewers from your work. For instance, in the image below, the text clashes with the background, making it difficult to read.